Catering by SDS

At South Dowling Sandwiches, we take our catering seriously (but not too seriously). Each catering box is equipped to get everyone's taste buds dancing! Get ready to turn up the flavour with our variety of boxes to choose from.

Each catering box features an assortment of 10 Sangas, thoughtfully cut in half, made easy for sharing. Explore a world of flavour with our classic selection for just $125 or take your pick with our favourite’s picks for $158. You can also customise your box and dabble in our freshly made salads that serve 7-8 guests for $96.
Contact us today to place your catering order and treat your guests to a feast they’ll rave about long after the last bite.

Why Choose SDS Catering?


We use dedicated drivers to deliver directly from the restaurant to your doorstep, ensuring your food arrives hot and fresh.


We stock fresh produce from Flemington Market six days a week, hand-cutting bread and slicing vegetables in-house.


We’ve cooked up a menu that isn’t just one size fits all! At South Dowling Sandwiches we have options as diverse as your taste buds.


We accommodate all order sizes and dietary needs. Order via UberEats, DoorDash, or our website for pickup or delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can email us, you can order through our website or app, or through Uber Eats.

Order here or Send us an enquiry

Up to 20 items, yes, but orders larger than that need to be ordered the day before.

No minimum

Yes we offer both pickup and delivery options. For pickup, you can specify your preferences online through our website or by using the South Dowling app. For delivery, you can choose from third-party services such as Uber Eats or DoorDash. If you order from Alexandria you have the option of your order being delivered by us.

You can add or remove whatever you’d like

Yes, we can provide gluten-free bread, but this requires advance bulk orders.

Yes, if we know the budget, we can design the best meal for you, ensuring a unique experience.

Please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’re very busy during lunch service but we’ll never ignore your communication

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