About SDS

Here at South Dowling Sandwiches - Food is our love language and bringing people together is our purpose. For over 15 years we’ve been creating housemade sandwiches and salads with a simple philosophy; Feed yourself what your family would feed you. From the first bite to the last, each sandwich and salad is made with care, love and dedication - making every experience with us, a delicious one.

Whether you're sharing with a loved one or saving half for later - our goal is simple, to nourish your body and soul! Come and enjoy a BIG slice of SDS heaven.

Using local ingredients, freshly prepared everyday

our process

We ensure everything is fresh and made on a daily basis. The chicken is cooked as you order it by our expert staff who’ve been working with us for years. Our core value is that we won’t serve you anything we wouldn’t love to eat ourselves so you can trust that you’re really getting the best sandwich in Sydney.


We don’t use any preservatives in our food. Everything is fresh and delivered on a daily basis. The vegetables are cut by hand, as is the chicken which is then tenderised crumbed and deep fried (Schnitzel), we make our chilli sauce to marinade the chicken than grill (chilli chicken)as well boil chicken with lots of root vegetable (poached chicken) all made on our premises, fresh everyday. Our mayonnaise is made in-house from fresh produce and we do not use any pasteurised products.


Our staff is well-trained and our team is like our family. Some have been with us for over 15 years! They’re well-trained and love what they do. Our clientele is like our family as well, they are our community and we know them by their names and their orders. We never let a customer leave unsatisfied and they always come back.